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Full Spectrum Wall and Ceiling Construction


Peninsula Wall and Ceiling offers complete solutions for all types of walls, ceilings, sub-floors and exterior envelopes with best in industry fine finishing.  We have successfully tackled some of the largest and most architecturally complex projects in the province and finished them all on time and on budget, thanks in large part to our exceptionally qualified and talented staff.  Consider PWC for your next project and see for yourself how an exceptional company can produce exceptional results.


Ceiling header, steel stud, framing showing curves

There is no size of job or level of complexity that we can't handle.  We employ exceptional framers, lathers and carpenters with the collective experience to tackle anything you can throw at them.

Picture showing a mix of structural and non-structural framing.

We are specialists in load-bearing heavy gauge steel and red-iron framing.  We are fast, efficient and most importantly safe.  Heavy construction requires real expertise in order to be fast, accurate and safe.  We are experts.

Picture showing complex framing and drywall with tape and fill

Drywall is bread and butter for PWC.  We have installed literally millions of meters of every type of gypsum sheathing there is, for both interior and exterior applications.  When it comes to drywall, we really do know it all!

Pictures showing dramatic ceiling from Boulevard Casino renovation

We love reflective, suspended and speciality ceilings of all types.  Although walls are usually fairly typical, architects will often let their creative juices flow when creating ceilings.  The more unusual the design, the more we love building it!  Variety and challenge are the spices of life!

Picture showing recently completed Casino project

As stated above, we love a challenge. High security, breach resistance, sound-proof, fire-safe or anything else that can be imagined in a room - if it has walls and a ceiling, we can build it! Challenge us!

Picture showing hardy board siding with wooden beam details

Our expertise is not limited to interior applications. We are also exterior sheathing and siding experts.  We specialise in the application of the extremely popular Hardie line of shingles, siding, soffit and trim.

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